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Beach Bungalow Arugam Bay

Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point

Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point are only 300 meters far from Babar Point Bungalow Arugam Bay. You don’t need to be a experienced surfer to surf the waves of these two spots. Whiskey Point and Pottuvil Point are made for those who likes quiet and less crowdy places.

Babar Point Bungalow is also very close from many others popular surf spots : Arugam Bay. The city is only half an hour by car.

Safari Beach Bungalow Arugam Bay

Kumana National Park

This safari is located in Kumana which is one hour by car from Babar Point Bungalow. Be ready to walk in the middle of Sri Lanka’s wildlife and meet exotic animals such as elephants, crocodiles, leopards and sloth bear.

Lagoon Babar Point Bungalow Arugam Bay

Urani Eco Lagoon Safari

In the heart of the wildlife you will have the opportunity to see all the beauty of the jungle during a boat or a kayak trip. Be ready to admire the incredible biodiversity of the area. The safari is only 200 meters from Babar Point Bungalow Arugam Bay.

Magul Maha Viharaya

Discover a bit of Sri Lanka’s history with the Temple of Yore. Explore the past and the legends of the country. The Templs is onyle 45 minutes by car from the hotel.

Food market Pottuvil, Babar Point Beach Bungalow Arugam Bay

Pottuvil Market

The market of Pottuvil offers a large diversity of exotic fruits and vegetables that you won’t find in your country. Have a walk in the streets of the market place and take the time to taste the large range of product.